You’re probably wondering how you could possibly make money just from receiving our benefits. Easy. As a member of ITPN, we’ll put it in perspective for you: if you refer just one friend or family member to us each month, this is what you get, right in your pocket: $40 for each referral.

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That’s $480 each year. In your pocket. Get the picture? Makes the Income Tax Planning Network’s $25/month membership seem like pennies when you think about it. And that’s just when you refer only one person a month to us. Want to do the math if you refer five people to us? Or ten people?

Immediately, you receive your own unique link for signups as well as specialized training on Facebook marketing to maximize referrals as well. How can you not take advantage of this unique benefit?

Thank You for Helping Us Grow Our Family. Your Family.

Thank you for being a part of this family. Please do call our office at 888-203-3030 to set up your free marketing training, starting you off on generating revenue with us right away, or click here to register right now.




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